The Premiere Post

Welcome to the brand spanking new BookBanter blog.  This will be my conduit to discuss and talk about a range of subjects including the BookBanter podcast, the BookBanter website — basically all things BookBanterish.  As well as books that I’m reading and reviewing, books that I have to review, and books that I look forward to reading.  All things books.  Writing reviews, writing, writing about writing.  Essentially writing in general.  At times I may talk about what’s going on in life, perhaps my goals with writing and with BookBanter.  And anything else that may tickle my fancy . . .

No surprise from you, the BookBanter reader, I’m sure as everything I’ve mentioned above falls under the rubric of your “ordinary blog.”  Of course, if you enjoy BookBanter, and like books and writing, you should enjoy reading this blog then too.

I also welcome any comments, questions, or discussions that the BookBanter reader may start and look forward to engaging in said endeavors.

For now, it’s until the next post . . .

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