The Journey Begins . . .

I’m all dialed in. Got my research done and all my pages of notes surrounding me in a protective circle of paper. And I’m about to embark on the writing of a new book called Wyrd (which is Old English for fate).

I first started this book in 2005 under the title of The Ruin (from the Old English poem), and got about a hundred pages done. Then my cast of characters stood on the shores of England looking out at the channel for four years. And now they’re about to be picked up again and continue with their journey. Except I’m starting from scratch, with some resets, revamps, and redos (or is it redux). Some big changes that I may talk about here, not sure how much I want to give away yet.

I’m sure they’ll be a few stalls and stops along the way– probably some more research too — and while I might have the option of doing this for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), I know this book is going to be long and going to take me a while and I want to go at my own pace, while juggling a full-time job and running BookBanter. But after meeting authors like Seanan McGuire and reading Jeff Vandermeer’s BookLife, I feel a little less intimidated and overwhelmed as there are many published and successful writers who do this every day.

So for now, here goes and . . . see you on the other side . . . along with the million stops and updates along the way . . .

But first I have to move the laundry into the dryer.