Theme Song and BookBanter Interviewed Update

Just wanted to give BookBanter Readers an update on two items: the original BookBanter theme song that I was working on, and the short film where BookBanter was interviewed.

Theme Song: Work continues on this as time and schedules allow. I’m working with my good friend Chris Fletcher, who has the software, the instruments, and is the brilliant musician behind it all, while I “produce and supervise.” “Summer Nights,” as the theme song is titled, is about 3/4 of the way there. What’s left is to lay the Spanish guitar track down and then it’s just a case of tinkering, refining, and fine-tuning to make it sound perfect and to make sure the length and timing is right. I’m very pleased with how the theme song came out, so my plan is to run it at as the opening of the podcast and then to continue at a lower volume as I begin my introductions for the episode. And at the end of the episode, the theme will return with a grand finale send off. But at the moment Chris and I have very different schedules, so its hard to meet, coordinate, and work on the recording. However, every free moment where we can link up we will. As to when the theme song will be ready, I’m not certain and don’t want to make any guarantees, but I will make a hesitant guess and say possibly by the end of the month.

BookBanter Interview: I don’t think I ever really talked much about this other than through Twitter updates, but about six weeks ago BookBanter was filmed and interviewed for a piece about how media and media creation has changed, as it is no longer necessary to be employed by a profitable film company to create good quality media material. BookBanter is the perfect example, in that it is a podcast that I started from scratch and was able to record, put together, produce, and upload on a podcast site all with almost free software and programs. But it was a fun 20-minute interview with various shots of me at my place, recording, using my typewriter, and a nice view of what I call the “wall of books.” The last update I heard from the person who recorded the interview was that he was working on editing it and would be uploading a copy to me some time this week. So this should be appearing hopefully some time in the next seven days or at least in the near future. I will likely link to it here, on the blog first, and then feature it on the BookBanter site in some way.

And that’s the scoop on that; will let you know once I get any more news or updates.

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