Wyrd Progress Update V

Got my two pages done for the work day, though may do more after work.

“A likely story, thiefkiller,” he said.  “But there are many in this land who pretend to be one thing, and are in fact something else entirely.  All to get at some paltry belongings or perhaps some jewels of little worth.  Life means nothing to these people.  I hope you’re not like them?”

WORDS: 457


Wyrd Progress Update IV

Started working through a good part of Chapter Two today, as well as the brief “interlude” between chapters that is going to be an 0ngoing thing between each chapter throughout the book.  Also after going over my “beat sheet” with the chapter listing, I’ve got eight chapters planned for the whole book, and at the moment I kind of estimating it to be about 500 pages long, so I’m thinking I’m going to need some more chapters to break it up a little more.  Or divided up the chapters into numbered parts.  Will have to wait and see.

And now for today’s sample of the work in progress:

The horseman was an impressive sight.  He wore no helmet, but bore a thick leather cuirass, a chest-plate emblazoned with a black fearsome eagle.  Artorus could see beneath this armor a black tunic of the highest quality, trailing down around his legs, which bore thick leggings of similar superior clothing.  On his feet were snug, expensive boots.  From his side hung a pristine gladius in impeccable condition – a complete opposite to the rusty tool that still lay on the forum floor like a forgotten child’s toy – sheathed in an ornately decorated leather scabbard.


PAGES: 6 1/4