Wyrd Progress Update VI

After putting it off for a few days, with the combined advent of rain (see earlier post), I was able to tackle this difficult scene today.  It was going to be necessary to do some important back story for my two main characters in conversation with another main character, but I forced myself through it and it came out really well and interesting and added some great new facets to the characters once again.  Also developed an interesting technique of having interludes or interludium in Latin (though the plural may be interludus, but I’m not worrying about that at the moment) of having the narrator give some important back story and whatever else may come to mind for the character.  This may be something that in future drafts may get completely changed and/or removed, but at the moment it’s working for the character and the manuscript.

And now for a sample of today’s writing:

“And the supposed ‘wiser’ and older brother, Cateyrn, angrily pushed through the bushes and fell face first into the dung pit!” Vortimer said and everyone in the tent burst into simultaneous laughter – Vortimer, Artorus, Yric, and the two guards.

“I made sure I was out in the countryside all day, running an important errand for my father.  From what I heard, Cateyrn was quite a sight when he returned home to clean up.  And no one had ever seen him that angry before, not even Vortigern.”

WORDS: 1865

PAGES: 8 1/2

Writing in the Rain

Well no, not literally writing in the rain, but rainfall does something special to me.  I don’t know why, but for me, when it’s raining, I always feel like writing.  It’s like a mental switch that just sets everything off in my body to do some writing.  As if the falling water from the sky is preventing me from going anywhere, so I should therefore be writing.

Of course, it doesn’t always rain under the most ideal of conditions, meaning I’m usually working and so don’t have the time to savor the falling drops and be writing at the same time.  Fortunately today was one of those special occasions where I had the day off, it was raining — actually torrential downpour would be a better description for the precipitation at some points — and I was planning on doing some writing anyway.  Though at times the rain was falling so heavily that the noise distracted me, and I had to just look at the window and admire it’s ferocity.  It was a very human moment, being able to appreciate the strength of a large amount of water falling from on high and saturating the ground, while I was safely warm and cocooned in my home, behind the waterproof windows.

I often wonder if I were to move to somewhere with higher precipitation, such as Seattle or London, would my body force me to write more?  I wonder if anyone else is affected in this way by rain?

The good news is fall is really here now, with our first storm and heavy rainfall, and part of me is hoping it will be a wet season, since I’ve just begun a novel.

Plus I’m sure our reservoirs could use it too!