World Fantasy Convention Interviews

Delighted to say that I’ve got four interviews lined up at the World Fantasy Convention.  I always prefer — if I can — to do the interviews in person, since it’s not only great to meet some of my favorite authors in the flesh, but makes for a better interview when I can gauge author’s reactions to questions, and we just end up connecting more.

So here are my four interviewees for October 30th:

Ken Scholes: Author the Psalms of Isaak series, the first two books of which are currently available.  You can find my review for Lamentation here, and I’m currently working my way through Canticle.  You can check out Ken Scholes’ site here.

Jeff VanderMeer: Author and editor of numerous books including Finch and Shriek: An Afterword.  You can find my review for one the books that Jeff edited, Fast Ships, Black Sails, here.  Jeff’s new book, Booklife, is all about being a writer in the 21st Century and what one can do to make things a little easier, more organized, and hopefully more successful.  You can check out the new Booklife site here, as well as Jeff’s site here.

Garth Nix: Author of the bestselling Old Kingdom series including Sabriel, Liriel, and Abhorsen, as well as the Keys to the Kingdom series and the Seventh Tower series.  I’m hoping to talk with Garth about the new Old Kingdom book he’s working on.  You can check out Garth’s site here, and his other site here.

Guy Gavriel Kay: Author of many books including: Tigana, The Sarantine Mosaic two-book series, Last Light of the Sun, and Ysabel (reviewed here).  I hope to be talking with guy about his new book due out next spring, Under Heaven.  You can check out Guy’s site here.

I think it’s going to be a truly spectacular day!  If anyone has questions that like to ask one or more of these authors, leave a comment, and I’ll see what I can do.

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