2 Books in 2 Days

I essentially read two books over the last two days, both due in part to the Halloween season.

The first is The Halloween Tree by  Ray Bradbury (reviewed here), which I now read annually the week before Halloween each year.  It’s a wonderful short book that covers the history of Halloween and how different cultures have viewed and practiced it over the years, all told through the eyes of a bunch of boys dressed up for Halloween who travel across the ages.

Also read The Box: Uncanny Stories by Richard Matheson.  I’ve never read Matheson before and was happy to get my hands on a collection of some very entertaining stories, some of which I recognized, all mostly featuring a fun surprising twist at the end — in some cases I was able to spot it just before I got to it — as well as the story “Mute” which was a Twilight Zone episode.  My review for The Box will be showing up shortly on BookBanter.net.

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