Readers & Listeners, Lend Me Your Ears: Feedback Requested

BookBanter will be getting a face-lift of some sort in the near future.  At the moment I’m planning on redesigning the site hopefully for the beginning of March, giving it a newer, sleeker, more professional look.

  1. One of the new additions will be a search option for reviews, as I’m now closing in on 300 book reviews on the site and it’s just not viable to have all those book covers loading up on various pages.  So instead, there will be a search option of some sort, though new reviews will still be spotlighted in some way on the homepage, and other reviews will be spotlighted in some way both on various other pages, and on the search page if there is one.
  2. Another is feedback and commentary from some of the authors I’ve interviewed, he let you know what they think of the site, the interview, and BookBanter in general.
  3. I will hopefully have the BookBanter theme song completed and ready to go at this point to, which may be available in some way on its own (and possibly with an extended version) on the site, but certainly will be at the beginning and end of each episode.
  4. Also a specially filmed interview on me and BookBanter should hopefully be all set and ready to show to the world with this new look.

Now here’s the part where you come in.  As I’m in the initial stages of planning the redesign, I welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts you may have about what you’d like to see on the BookBanter site, what there is already on there that you may like or not like so much or completely dislike, and any other commentary or changes you’d like to see happen to BookBanter.  In fact, I implore you.  I can’t promise that I will carry all your suggestions and recommendations to fruition, but I certainly welcome them and will take them under serious consideration.

To leave feedback, or a suggestion, or something that fits into the rubric of the aforementioned paragraph, simply leave a comment on this post, or on the syndicated post on Facebook, or if you wish for your thoughts and suggestions to be private, simply email me at

As I said, I welcome any and all comments, whatever they may be, as I want to make BookBanter as accessible and enjoyable as possible to as many readers and listeners as possible.

Thank you for your time.