“Vicious Circle” by Mike Carey (Grand Central Publishing, 2008)

Vicious Circlestarstarstar

Mike Carey, author of the great graphic novel series Lucifer, and after the success of The Devil You Know, the first of his Felix Castor series, returns with the next installment in Vicious Circle.  Nothing much has changed for Castor.  Life is still really tough on him, he’s not making a lot of money, and taking whatever jobs he can to stay afloat.  Meanwhile his emotional baggage and history continue to weigh on him, as he tries to ignore his past.  But then he mysteriously lands a job that promises to pay well and does at first.  He must track down a girl, well actually the dead body of a girl, well specifically the ghost of a dead girl whose parents have lost contact with her and want her back.  Castor also gets called on to help a succubus who has turned over a new leaf – even if she is still extremely tantalizing – to find out what is going on in a church that left people dead and the surrounding neighborhood terrified.  Finally he helps out the Metropolitan police department with some very strange and satanic homicide cases.

As the story develops, the plot thickens, and it’s no real surprise that everything is linked.  Seeking out the help of a zombie friend to get him some info, something really weird is also going on in London: people keep dying, more so than usual.  Castor finds himself up to his neck, deep in it, and this time, if he doesn’t do it right, he won’t survive.  Neither will his friends, the only people he cares about.

Carey ratchets up the adventure, the mystery, and the excitement with Vicious Circle that will leave readers gasping for breath at Castor’s near misses, as he barely survives to fight another day.  Just in time for the third book in the series, Dead Men’s Boots.

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Originally written on April 16th, 2009 ©Alex C. Telander.

For an interview with Mike Carey check out BookBanter Episode 16.


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