Joe Hill’s “Horns”


Got about thirty pages to go in Joe Hill’s new book, Horns, which has turned out to be a very entertaining book.  I don’t Hill will ever be able to fully separate himself from his father — and he’s probably okay with this — but comparisons are going to continue to be made between Joe and Stephen King throughout his life.  And here’s one more.

Horns feels like a classic horror premise that Stephen King himself could’ve come up with.  Ig Perrish wakes up from a long night of drinking to discover he’s grown a pair of terrifying small horns and apparently now whenever he interacts with anyone, they see him as a demon, possible the Devil, and the feel compelled to confess their deepest, darkest desires, and ask him whether they should act upon them.

While the premise may feel like something concocted from the mind of Stephen King (and Joe Hill is in possession of half the man’s genes), Joe Hill shows his own take on a horror story with his powerful and deep characters that carry the book along.  The result is a novel that Stephen King never could’ve written.

And here’s a fun short video with Joe Hill talking about Horns: