“Wyrd” Progress Update XI

Today was a good day, as I not only got some writing done, but resurrected the manuscript that had been put on hold since late last November.  But today’s session has reawakened the need to keep writing this novel that’s turning into a lot of fun, reminding of why I originally wanted to write it.  Managed to get a part completed and started a new chapter.  So here’s to more progress with Wyrd .  And now for a writing sample of today’s work (a long piece, as it’s been a while):

In the other chair sat a great hulk of a man.  He was at least as tall as Vortigern, if not more so, but was wider than two of the king’s put together.  Artorus could tell that while this man was a heavy brute with large amount of fat on him, there was also a lot of muscle.  He was a strong man who would be hard to defeat in fight, especially if he had an ax.  His hair was a dark blond, long and scraggily, reaching past his shoulders.  His face was heavy and jowly, but at the same time menacing.  Beneath his left eye he bore a deep groove of a scar.  His eyes were dark, almost black, fixing Vortimer with what seemed an angry stare.  This was the Saxon king, Hengist, and he didn’t want company.

WORDS: 1934



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