“Wyrd” Progress Update XII

Got a little bit further along in my novel, Wyrd, today, though not as much as I’d wanted, but that’s because it’s requiring me to plan out the chapter more, to refer to an earlier draft, just to know the history and what’s going on.  I can already tell three things about this novel:

  1. It’s going to be longer than anything I’ve done before, I expect 400 pages, if not longer.
  2. It’s going to be a lot of work.  Being a work of historical fiction, the writing is different from other novels that I’ve written where I was able to have a loose idea of the story in my head and know the characters and just do the writing and let the story unfold.  In Wyrd there is the story to tell, but there is the historical context to get right, as well as certain historical events that I either want to directly reference or allude to.  This is why the writing is feeling somewhat disjointed with stops and starts and reference checking and fact checking.  I expect to attain a rhythm at some point where the writing will come easier, but at the moment it’s hard going.  I also have a lot more going on with plots and subplots and various emotional resonances that present a very complex novel, which is a new endeavor for me.  So while part of me is finding it hard going and tough, another part is thrilled by it and I’m very excited to see what’s coming next and where it’s all going.
  3. Once the first draft or two is complete, I know it’s going to require a lot of work to get everything just right with respect to context, setting, time line, continuity, and things like that.

And that’s enough talk, here’s some writing in progress:

“Lord Hengist wants to know why he should sacrifice his men to receive so little in return.  Why should the blood of his people be spilled, their lives taken for some gold and food in return.  It is land that he requires.”

WORDS: 857


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