UPS = Fail at Book Delivery

On Friday, Winter decided to let Northern California know that it wasn’t done finishing out its season yet, and proceeded to rain solidly for most of the day, saturating everything.  I receive a number of packages each week by mail, usually books to review.  Usually they are delivered by UPS.  Usually UPS will put them under my do0rmat.

On this particular wet Friday, the UPS delivery person must’ve had a number of interesting thoughts go through his or her head, when he or she arrived at my doorstep to deliver my package.  It was raining for a fact at the time they delivered the item.  Perhaps they weighed in their mind that putting the package underneath my doormat and decided somehow that this wouldn’t work, perhaps it would get wet in this way, even though the doormat is well covered, and the package would be further protected by being under said doormat.

Perhaps then they weighed the option of taking it to the office, where they will hold packages for tenants and all they had to do was leave a note on the door.  I have a feeling this thought never crossed their mind, and if it did, they decided to be too lazy to do this.

Instead, said UPS employee decided to toss the item onto my patio, where there is a slight overhang from the patio above, but this does little to nothing at keeping rain from falling to the patio below.  My patio.  Where the package proceeded to get completely saturated.

When I arrived home I found the note on the door, indicating the perfect location where the package had been deposited.  Great, I thought.  As I lifted the soggy papery item off the floor I remarked on the only thing holding the soaked envelope together was the also saturated book inside.  I proceeded to leave the book for the day and night on a cooling rack and then investigate the results the following morning:

damaged book cover

And then when I opened the book, I found a lovely new watermark on the title page:

damaged book page

I’ll see what I get out of UPS for this, but obviously I’m not too happy about it, and wonder what my chances are the next time a UPS employee comes a knocking when the heavens have opened.