“White Horse” Progress Report 2: 3709 words!

Today was a great day for writing, mainly because a got a lot of it done.  Haven’t had such a productive day in quite some time.  Again I think it has a lot to do with using first-person narrator that’s allowing me to explore the world so much more — and since it’s now a pretty different world from this one, that’s necessary — as well as explore the character a lot too and go into their background and history.  So that’s chapter two done, on to chapter three.

And now for some work in progress:

And that was what I was looking at now.  A giant ocean-crossing, transportation tanker.  Except this wasn’t out in the deeper waters where it should be.  This was pushed up on the shore, looking like a giant beached whale, a dinosaur that’d made one last dying step onto the shore.  Basically something that shouldn’t be there.  That was defying odds and reality and making me want to cry at this moment with a combination of terror and paranoia.

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