“Monsters and Other Lovers” by Lisa Glatt (Pearl, 1996)

Monsters and Other Loversstarstarstarstar

You need something vibrant yet compelling to kick-start a career in poetry, and with Lisa Glatt’s debut book, she has done just that.  If you know Glatt pretty well, Monsters and Other Lovers will scare you; if you don’t know Glatt at all, the book will still scare you.

Published in 1996 and written over a period of many years before that, Glatt writes about what she knows and has experienced, albeit sad and horrifying in a mundane sort of way, it remains true and real.  Split into four parts that loosely tie in with significant changes in her life – her mother’s breast cancer, Glatt’s own accident as a young girl, her move to 69 Rose Street.  She even has some advice for impoverished writers with “I am Weird to the New Boys”: When you write for a living/and no one buys your words/canned food grows appetizing.”

Glatt is a fresh voice in this turbulent world of anger and pain, and she reminds us that even though life may be going to hell in a hand basket, there is still hope.

If you liked this review and are interested in purchasing this book, click here.

Originally published on February 28th 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.

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