“Shelter” by Lisa Glatt (Pear, 1999)


With her second book of poetry, published in 1999, Lisa Glatt has come a long way since Monsters and Other Lovers.  The first book was one of release and admittance; in Shelter Glatt has a lesson for you, and the moral of the book is read and learn.

In every poem there is a message to be read and understood: in some cases it is a warning, in others a piece of info you can either accept or ignore.

Within these sixty pages is also a collection of “if you” poems: “If You Have Sex With a Married Man,” “If You Have Sex With a Man Ten Years Your Junior,” “If You Have Sex With a Graying Guy,” and “If You Have Sex With a Stranger With One Ball.”

Emotions are alive in this book – there is laughter, but there is also pain.  While Shelter is not as dark as Glatt’s first book, it is in no ways inferior, revealing her further talents as a poet.

If you liked this review and are interested in purchasing this book, click here.

Originally published on February 25th 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.

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