“Southampton Row” by Anne Perry (Ballantine Books, 2002)

Southampton Rowstarstarstar

From an author who has published thirty-three books in her past comes Southampton Row, this is the story of the end of Queen Victoria’s reign in old Victorian England.  There is an election coming up, one in which the Tories seem set to twin.  The group known as the Inner Circle, a secret society of men sworn to support each other above all other loyalties, will stop at nothing to seize one of the seats in Parliament, their first step towards completing their diabolical ambitions.  And the Tory candidate just happens to be the arch enemy of our main character, Charles Voisey.  As for the Liberal candidate, he does not have much hope.

So it is up to Pitt to make sure the fate of England is not left in the hands of a sinister secret group.  Together with his friends, Pitt also has to deal with the investigation of a most baffling crime, as well as keeping his eye on his familiar who are on vacation and are set to fall into peril at any moment.

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Originally published in July/August 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.


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