BookBanter Episode 30 with Katharine Beutner



Katharine Beutner’s first novel, Alcestis, is set in Mycenaean Greece. Alcestis is a princess from Greek mythology, made popular in the Euripides play of the same name. Alcestis sacrifices herself in place of her husband and is taken to Hades, where she is soon rescued. Beutner gives the reader Alcestis’s viewpoint, what she went through and how she felt. For the full review, click on the book cover below.

Katharine Beutner

In the interview, Beutner talks about why she wanted to write this book, how she got it published, and how much research she took. She also talks about what she’s working on next, what she likes to in her spare time, and if she could live in Mycenaean Greece, would she?


Coming up on June 1st will be a written interview with graphic artist and writer Dash Shaw, and we’ll be talking all about his new graphic novel, Bodyworld, as well as how he became an artist, what he likes to do in his spare time, and what he’s working on now.


We’ve hit a milestone here at BookBanter also, with over 400 book reviews now available. You can find any of the reviews by using the search bar at the top right of this page, or heading over to the Book Reviews page and seeing what the top ten most read reviews are. This also marks the 30th episode of BookBanter. Be sure to check out other interviews, as well as some written interviews also. Finally, there’s also always the BookBanter blog to keep you entertained.

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Alex C. Telander.

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