“Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm” by Kim Cattrall & Mark Levinson (Warner, 2002)


Warning: this review contains language of an adult nature.

This is certainly a book for guys; girls are not invited.  Just kidding!  But Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm is intended for guys – read the title.  Do girls need to know how to give girls orgasms?  Well, yes, but that is another matter.  The point is guys are not so wise in the ways of giving a girl satisfaction, mainly in the form of an orgasm, or perhaps multiples (contrary to what Jay of Silent Bob fame may indicate).  And so the star/slut (?) of Sex in the City has got together with her husband and written a book about satisfying women, since us guys simply seem unable to do it right, and we  need a woman to teach us how.  But that’s okay, because the best way you’re going to find out what your girl really likes is by her telling you.  Well, now you can surprise her by buying and reading this book.

The book begins with some basic introductions from each of them touching on how this book is mainly for a couple who are in love and are looking to reach new heights in their pleasure, specifically geared towards men making women feel great.  In Cattrall’s words: “No one wants to admit that millions of women have unsatisfactory sex lives and that most men do not know what to do about it.”

Satisfaction takes it a step at a time, chapter by chapter.  With chapter headings like “The Clitoris,” “Circles,” “Figure Eights,” “Up-Down Flicks,” “Lips and Teeth,” “Fingers,” as well as a detailed index, the man has no excuse for losing his way in this book which is not even 150 pages long, and is filled with pictures on almost every page.  Divided into two major sections: oral sex and sexual positions, the book seeks to enlighten and teach a man how to make a woman reach orgasm in many different ways.  Now, the man doesn’t have to perform every  single act from every single chapter in the book in one “session,” nor does he have to “take one page out of the book” for a single session.  The point is to experiment, once the basics are known, and eventually come up with your own style.  Each of the chapters in the book have only pleasure in mind, and whenever there is any possible pain involved there is a warning, plus with detailed sketches and drawings, mistakes are not likely to be made.

Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson wrote Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm with the aim of binging couples closer together and improving their sexual relationships.  This isn’t a Men’s Health publication with the “100 Ways to Satisfy Your Woman” piece, but a book that can only help a loving couple.  So don’t feel embarrassed, because ultimate you both want to have as much fun and get as much pleasure out sex as possible.  The key term here is “mutual pleasure.”  So one of you guys buy the book and don’t feel ashamed in using it as a reference tool during sex.  Remember, it is all a learning process, and we have our whole lives to perfect it.  This book is simply offering us a very detailed foundation that will give us a head start on every guy who doesn’t have this book and doesn’t know how to pleasure the woman he loves.

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Originally published on September 30th, 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.