BookBanter Boon #2: “The Age of Zeus” and “Circus of Sins”

BookBanter Boon #2

As promised, here’s the next BookBanter Boon giveaway!  I said I would do the second giveaway once the BookBanter Facebook Group passed 850 members and was on its way to 900.  The group currently stands at 859 members.  And the giveaway this time is a special twofer.

I received a number of books recently from the wonderful people at Solaris Books and I’ve chosen two very special ones for BookBanter Boon #2.  In the blue corner we have The Age of Zeus by James Lovegrove (Amazon), and in the red corner we have Circus of Sins by Natasha Rhodes (Amazon).

Age of Zeus Circus of Sins

The rules are the same as before:

  1. You need to be a member of the BookBanter Facebook Group.
  2. You need to leave a comment on this post.  It can be about BookBanter, about your favorite food, what you like to do for fun, or how much you want to win this BookBanter Boon!

Entries will be accepted at least until the group hits 900 members.  Once it does I’ll make an announcement when the BookBanter Boon will close and then I’ll select the lucky winner.  So tell your friends and spread the word about BookBanter! If you have any questions, shoot me an email.