“White Horse” Progress Report Report 6: 2742 words

Had a really good writing session tonight with the Unwritten writing group.  Though the word count in the title is not quite accurate, as  I neglected to make a post previously in my last session, so this is a combination of the two.  In this session, I did 1021 words, and they were all pretty good.  I felt happy with where the novella is going and have now passed the 10k mark for it, bringing me that big closer to the end; technically a fifth of the way!  And now for some words in progress:

There were two ways of reaching the higher points of the Rock.  One was a long and winding road that at the moment had five checkpoints, each requiring a specific pass level to continue on, increasing with importance the higher you went.  The other way was the cable car, access to which was granted only to the military government at the moment; a full level pass was required to be able to ride the cable car.  I had one; Scott didn’t.

10978 word count


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