06/16 On the Bookshelf . . . “North by Northwestern,” “Methuselah’s Pillar,” “The Red Pyramid,” “Blood Song,” “The Clockwork Three” & “Treasury of the Lost Litter Box”

North by Northwestern Methuselah's Pillar Blood Song

Clockwork Three Red Pyramid Treasury of the Lost Litter Box

Some of these were received by request, some unrequested.  I expect some may end up being part of the BookBanter Boon giveaways.  I definitely appreciate all received and look forward to reading and reviewing some of them.


“White Horse” Progress Report 7: 604 words

Moved on a little bit further tonight, but ran out of time at the cafe — they were closing — and couldn’t get back into it when I got home.  On the flip side, I’ll be raring to go next session and continue where I left off.  While working on the story I felt the thrill of creativity that I sometimes get when writing, basically in creating this interesting unique story all by myself.  And now for work in progress . . .

Why were we doing all this?

So that we wouldn’t ever end up like that.

Of course, no one was exactly sure why what happened did happen, but when I looked at decaying, half-eaten forms that had once been live, living, breathing humans, it wasn’t a surprise that we’d do everything to keep ourselves sane, civilized and protected.

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