“The GigaLaw: Guide to Internet Law” by Doug Isenberg (Random House, 2002)


Have you ever felt guilty about stealing pictures from some site on the Internet and either using them on your own site without giving the person credit, or using them for some project for school?  Perhaps you’ve questioned yourself over whether it is okay to do what you’re doing.  Here’s a book that will finally answer all of your Internet questions: The GigaLaw.

With an extremely extensive contents list split into sections such as: Copyright Law, Domain Names and Trademarks, Patent Law, and Privacy to name a few, there are then specific chapter headings that will get you to the page you want and the specific answers you need in no time.  Together with a full index and lists for websites pertaining to each chapter, this is a book that pretty much anyone can’t do without.

In a small paperback form, The GigaLaw is a book that will get used every day no matter what you’re doing online, because you’ll always be asking yourself whether you what you’re doing violates the rights of a certain site, or whether you are perfectly without your own rights to be doing what you doing.  The answers are all here.

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy from Bookshop Santa Cruz and help support BookBanter.

Originally published on December 9th, 2002.

Originally published in the Long Beach Union.

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