Across the Pond Part 1: Upon Arrival I Discovered That . . .


– The British Airways in flight entertainment for regular, “”World Class Traveler” has improved once again to a virtual library where you can select from new releases, older movies, TV series, kids’ TV, and even music with the ability to play entire CDs.  You can pause, fast forward and rewind your movies, while being able to create a playlist with your music, if you so desire.

– The British Airways food was good: a baked smoked salmon with pasta and a cheesy, creamy sauce.

– There is a new technology at customs known as “IRIS” . . . and it’s exactly what you guess.  You enter a pair of automatic, glass saloon-style doors, walk up to the scanner and look into it, have it scan your eyes, and then after approval exit out another pair of similar doors.  The future has apparently arrived, where you can skip providing your passport, and just have a computer scan your eyes.

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