08/31 On the Bookshelf . . . “Pariah,” “Mysterium” & “The Way of Kings”

Pariah Mysterium Way of Kings

Received an interesting trio of books (two by request):

We have a zombie novel from Rob Fingerman, Pariah.  It’s been quite a while now since I’ve read a zombie book, but this is purely intentional, as there is simply an overabundance of them right now, wherever you turn, whether it’s books, stories, movies, and even a TV series.  So I needed a break; but now I think I’m ready to check out another zombie book, and it’s going to be Pariah.

Then there’s Mysterium by Robert Charles Wilson.  After enjoying Julian Comstock, I’m interested in seeing how Wilson tackles science fiction and parallel universes.

And finally there’s Brandon Sanderson first book in his epic fantasy series that he’s been wanting to publish since he started writing, The Way of Kings; the first book of the Stormlight Archive.  Clocking in at just over a thousand pages, it’s one of the most beautifully designed fantasy books I’ve ever held, with color, illustrated maps on the inlay covers, parchment-design pages and further maps within, numerous illustrations, and title plates for each chapter.  In this essay, Sanderson talks about how the initial stirrings of this series began when he was fifteen and how it is a dream come true to now have it published.  And if you want to meet Brandon Sanderson, get your book signed and find out a little more about The Way of Kings, you can find him on his book tour.

In some final news, BookBanter will be interviewing Brandon Sanderson some time in the next month or two, to tie in with the second anniversary of the podcast, and to find out what’s changed with Sanderson in the last two years.  Brandon Sanderson was the first interview on BookBanter and continues to be the most downloaded episode.