“Fables Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love” by Chris Roberson and Shawn McManus (Vertigo, 2010)

Fables: Cinderella: From Fabletown with Lovestarstarstar

Chris Roberson, after writing for Jack of Fables in the Fables universe, takes on the enigmatic character of Cinderella in From Fabletown with Love.  Pretty much everyone has an idea in their minds of what Cinderella is really like, how she fell in love with Prince Charming, her Fairy Godmother, amazing dresses and the ball, and living happily ever after.  But for anyone who’s picked up one of the Fables books, you’ll know that the stories of the fairytales and magical creatures we’ve all known about since childhood are quite different, and the supposed “happily ever after” with each story isn’t so much the case.

Turns out once Cinderella got to really know Prince Charming, she discovered he wasn’t such a great guy, and doesn’t seem to care much for Cinderella’s personality.  So these days she spends some of her time working at her store – The Glass Slipper – selling shoes to the fables.  But this is not her real job; Cinderella is in fact an undercover agent, a covert spy.  In From Fabletown with Love, readers get to see the spectrum of Cinderella’s abilities, and it has very little to do with her looks.  Her new case is to find out who’s smuggling fable artifacts out of Fabletown and selling them to mundies (normal people) in the real world.  The mission will take her around our world and into the fable lands, keeping the reader hooked, wanting to know what happens next, and how Cinderella will make it out alive.

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Originally written on September 29 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.