“The Chamber of Ten” by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon (Spectra, 2010)

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Bestselling authors Christopher Golden (The Boys Are Back in Town and Baltimore) and Tim Lebbon (Dawn and Desolation) continue with the next Hidden Cities book after Mind the Gap and The Map of Moments, and this time they travel to the enchanting, historical city of Venice.  Geena Hodge, an archaeologist, is working with her team at the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana when they come upon a hidden door.  A documentary crew is also with them from the BBC covering these last discoveries as Venice continues to sink beneath the waters.  Behind the door they discover the hidden Chamber of Ten, belonging to a secret group from the fifteenth century that controlled the city and the Doge.  Then a wall breaks and the Venetian waters begin flowing into the hidden chamber and filling it up, as the team does everything they can to rescue the documents and artifacts before everything is under water.  As time passes and excavation on the sunken chamber begins, Geena finds herself experiencing some very strange visions of a past time with dark magic and powerful people.  Then there’s Nico, a member of the team who is also Geena’s lover, and is a person with telepathically abilities who finds himself possessed by someone from the past with great power.

After the success of the great Map of Moments, The Chamber of Ten falls short of being a good novel, feeling rushed and over the top, with simple characters, and little going on other than ham-handed “black magic” and outlandish action scenes.  However, there has been some research done here on old Venice, which is shared with the reader, along with descriptive scenes of the beautiful Italian city.

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Originally written on September 29 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.