“Coronets and Steel” by Sherwood Smith (DAW, 2010)

Coronets and Steel

While it wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea, Coronets and Steel is certainly a type of novel that many readers would like, blending the popular genre of urban fantasy with some spicy romance set in the modern world.  Kim Murray is a California girl looking for something new and fresh to bring some excitement into her life; the world she lives in is mundane and boring.  In her spare time she practices ballet and fencing, reminding herself of another time.  She lives with her parents and grandmother, who is from Europe and only speaks French, but she falls suddenly ill, and after talking with her, Kim decides to blow off her life and travel to Europe in search of her grandmother’s family and history.  She spends her days looking for details and clues without finding much, though she does notice that strange guy who seems to be following her.  Then Kim is kidnapped and is thought to be someone completely different, someone with an interesting past; she also finds herself involved with two dark and handsome men, and is looking for her grandmother’s secret husband; she also has the ability to talk to ghosts.  All these abilities, combined with her fencing make for a steamy adventure tale in Coronets and Steel.

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Originally written on October 29, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.

Originally published in the Sacramento Book Review.