BookBanter Boon #6: “Side Jobs” by Jim Butcher

BookBanter Boon

Side Jobs

And to commemorate the second anniversary of BookBanter, we have a very special BookBanter Boon giveaway: a first edition hardcover copy of the recently released Side Jobs by bestselling author Jim Butcher.

To be entered into the competition to win Side Jobs by Jim Butcher, simply leave a comment on THIS POST of the BookBanter blog about what you think is going to happen to Harry Dresden in the next book, Ghost Story due out next April, or if you simply have no idea, just leave some sort of comment.

Anyone within the US can enter, and I’ll be accepting entries until November 30th at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time.

If you have any questions, please email me at

The winner will be announced on December 1st on this BookBanter Boon #6 blog post.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, the winner will be announced first thing December 2nd, as I’m just too busy tomorrow with work and a scheduled interview.  Entries will be accepted until 11:59 tonight, 11/30.

24 thoughts on “BookBanter Boon #6: “Side Jobs” by Jim Butcher

  1. Whatever becomes of Harry, ghost or not, he’ll most likely save the world as still the coolest wizard to grace the written page since Gandalf.

  2. He finds out even more about his mum, probably via her ghost. The dangerous web of decisions she’s made along with Harry’s own track record of blowing up a few bridges put himself and his daughter in peril. I kan haz book nao?

  3. I love Butcher’s style. I even have some of the Audio books for extra geekiness (James Masters ‘AKA Spike from Buffy’ reads them XD)
    I was gutted when they cancelled the Dresden TV series and think they should bring it back!!

  4. In order to save his friends he needs to find out who shot him and why. Much will be learned about his destiny when he speaks directly with his mother. He will be able to communicate with the real world through the medium he’s used from the other side. He will somehow be resurrected by the end of the book. My favorite theory has Mavra bringing him back through something in The Word of Kemmler.

    Molly will have her doom of damoclese lifted.
    More will be learned about Mouse the “demon”.
    Marcone will be taken more seriously as a dangerous force in the nevernever.

  5. Harry’s going to take a ride on The Doom Train, that nearly ran him down, into the spirit world. There, he’ll meet his mother and His father who will tell him more about his sordered past. He’ll also meet Morgan who will probably give Harry his sword. Mouse, Molly, Murphy, and Marcone, and maby Michale and probably all join forces to find out who killed Harry. Meanwhile, all Harry can do is posses stuff and try to help them out, they finally find out who shot him and somehow manege to bring him back to life.

  6. Whatever happens to Harry, I am quite sure he will work in a fantastic quote from Star Wars, Princess Pride, or one of my other favorites. And I so can’t wait! Bring it!

  7. He’ll bumble around dodging danger in the spirit realm and learn all manner of interesting things and meeting all sorts of past connections, new allies and old enemies while solving his own murder. I only hope he can meet Susan, though I think that’s unlikely. I’d like to see her forgive him and convince him to forgive himself… I don’t think it’s likely though, Mr Butcher probably won’t let him off THAT hook (or any other for that matter) so easily.

    Maybe Bob will get a roommate!

  8. Not sure what is going to happen in Ghost Story, seeing I haven’t read that far into the series. But, I am sure it will be great. Mr. Butcher’s books don’t disappoint.

  9. Harry will try to dogge the ghost of every fiend he ever killed and will get un-ghosted in a spectacular way by the end of the book.

  10. He will go haunt the halls of Hogwarts, terrorizing the other wizard named Harry.

    In all seriousness? Harry will get himself in so much crap that Morty will have trouble pulling him out of it. He might meet an Angel or two, maybe some of his past enemies as well. I’m still expecting Kemmler or Justin or some such baddie to make an appearance.

  11. With a title like Ghost Story, it could be about a ghost with either no member, or a certain task to do.
    It could be about a dead ally’s ghost being captured.
    It could be about a person who discovered something about the enemy, and that person’s ghost piecing together what was once known.

  12. Probably gonna be about Harry getting his life back. In more ways than one. He lost everything, including his own life, in Changes. Now it’s time for him to get it all back . Or get back what he can.

  13. If I knew what was going to happen to Harry in Ghost Story, *I’d* be a famous author like Jim! One of the nifty things about Jim is that he is a marvelous weaver of ever-surprising twists and turns tales and whatever he comes up with is sure to rock!!! I WANT THE BOOK! Pretty please…..? 🙂

  14. I can’t predict what will happen via the plot because if I knew, there’d be no point reading the book, but I can guarantee that Harry’s going to make some wisecrack joke, multiple times, that’s going to either endear him to someone who can help him or royally piss them off. He’s just that talented.

  15. I kind of feel like Dresden’s death is a clever way of getting out of his arrangement with Mab concerning being the Winter Knight…

  16. Gard came to take Dresden to Odin, who explains what the hell just happened, turns out Ace finally “Aced” Dresden at the behest of some crazy person or other.

    Murphy takes up the Sword, Marcone becomes a little more powerful, the Council tries to execute Harry for breaking the laws when he comes back to life, and Molly tries to resurrect him herself.

  17. Likely, Harry will be very disgruntled with his newly acquired ectoplasmic powers as he will leave an unsightly goo everywhere he casts a spell, which will make everyone else very disgruntled.

    Harry will then be forced to listen to Bob rant about getting some new “reading material”, and be unable to command Bob to “shut up and get in the skull” due to some planar laws, which Bob will gleefully explain in excruciating detail before Harry plugs his ears and starts repeating “La La La La” loudly.

    Then Harry gets his body back.

    Jim will probably throw in a little more wholly unnecessary fluff, though. 😉

  18. And the winner of the “Side Jobs” BookBanter Boon giveaway is . . . Masterclif! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who entered and commented. Be sure to check back at and the BookBanter blog for future giveaways, as well as lots of interviews and book reviews.

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