The Last Post of the Year

As the last few hours of the year wind down to a close, I think of the many book read, books reviewed, authors interviewed, events attended, dreams achieved, writing done, and incredible things that have happened this year. Overall not too bad.

I had originally planned to have the new BookBanter Episode with Salman Rushdie up some time tomorrow, but with how things are going, with New Year’s plans, it’s just not going to happen. So at the moment it looks like it should be up Monday afternoon or at least by Tuesday. So stay tuned for that. Also coming next week will be posts on: The BookBanter Top Ten Reads of the 2010, a full list of books read for the year, and a post on goals for the year, as well as a selection of book reviews for the new year, if you’re wondering what to read next.

But for now, have a great time, stay safe, and keep reading.

See you on the other side . . .