“Fated” by S G Browne (New American Library, 2010)


Much like his debut book, Breathers, which became a bestseller, S. G. Browne’s new novel, Fated, has a strong, compelling, tongue-in-cheek voice to it that will hook readers from the beginning and keep them reading to the end.  Browne straddles the line of scenes that are awkward and outlandish, making the reader perhaps uncomfortable, but balances it well with entertaining humor.  Fated is a book about some very strange characters who are in a way gods, and how they interact and get involved with humanity.

Fabio Delucci is bored with his job and would really like a change.  He spends his days and hours as fate, deciding events and choices for many ordinary people across the globe.  He knows not to step on the toes of destiny, and so must choose average, normal, uninteresting fates for his people.  He’s been doing it for millennia and would really like a change.  He also has a five hundred year-old feud with Death, and spends his little free time hanging out with Sloth and Gluttony; meanwhile Destiny keeps trying to tempt him with her wiles.  Then Fabio starts to notice an ordinary human, Sara Griffin, who is on Destiny’s pass, but continues to cross his own.  He keeps meeting her, then starts to stalk her, and before he knows it he slowly but surely realizes he’s falling in love with her.  Rule #1 is not to get involved with humans; God forbids it.  Now Fabio doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

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Originally written on December 10, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.

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