“The Living Dead 2” edited by John Joseph Adams (Nightshade Books, 2010)

Living Dead 2

After the runaway success of The Living Dead, editor John Joseph Adams is back with a follow up collection featuring a whole host of new authors writing about the walking dead.  So grab a big cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and sequester yourself in a dark, quiet room, with one window looking out onto you don’t know what, and take a trip into a series of meetings with beings who want nothing more than to eat you alive, while you scream.

The collection begins with a short introduction by Adams going over the success of The Living Dead, and why it is that the world now seems obsessed with these dead things who were once living people . . . as well as bringing up a number of successful projects that have come about in all mediums on the subject of zombies.  Then the journey begins, around the world, and into other ones, into the past and the future, even some dinosaur zombies, all featuring those unforgettable walking dead.  A number of zombie authors are featured, like Robert Kirkman, Jonathan Maberry, and David Wellington, as well as other authors you might not think of writing about zombies, such as Kelly Link, Steven Barnes, David Moody, Catherynne M. Valente, Sarah Langan, and Simon R. Green.  Then there are a number of authors previously interviewed on BookBanter making the cut in The Living Dead 2, including S. G. Browne, Mira Grant, and Cherie Priest.

The beauty of any anthology is you can start that story and just not be that impressed with it; so you skip on to the next one, and find yourself totally blown away but the incredible plot and characters.  You discover new writers to love and read, and others to avoid.  Regardless of your interests for a specific type of story involving the walking dead, you will find many entertaining and terrifying tales in The Living Dead 2 that will make you keep looking up at that dark window, wondering if you just heard something scratching that could be a branch . . . or perhaps the decaying fingers of a zombie.

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Originally written on December 21, 2010 ©Alex C. Telander.

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