“White Horse” Progress Report 17: 1357 words

WORDS WRITTEN:1357 words




It’s funny how you never expect to get any real writing done on a particular day, and then in the waning hours of the day, as midnight approaches, arrives, and then passes; you keep on writing.  1357 words later and the scene is done with some interesting introspections and set up for the next big scene.   And not a bad word count for the five day writing week.  Goal is 500 words a day, so minimum would be 2500 words for the week, and here we are with a thousand words over.  Not bad at all.  This book is coming along splendidly!

And I’ve made the decision, since I have two manuscripts I’m working on simultaneously right now, instead of switching between each one daily, or writing whichever one I feel like, or creating some elaborate system to decide which one I should work on on a particular day, I’m just going to dedicate myself to writing one project each week.  So this week was a White Horse week, and next week it will be Wyrd, and then following week it’ll be back to White Horse again.  And we’ll see how that goes.

And now for some words in progress . . .

I didn’t sleep well that night, insomnia taking over as I wondered what would be the reactions of the people I held so much respect for would be.  Worries and stress were surfacing as I thought and analyzed every possibility and answer and reaction from them.

And then the light was rising in the east and the day was dawning.