BookBanter Interviewee Michael J. Sullivan Hits the Big Time

Michael J. Sullivan

When I began interviewing authors on BookBanter, my goal was to be equal and even in who I interviewed.  In the books I read and review, I am open minded whether the author is associated with a national publishing house, or a smaller independent one.  If the story is interesting, I’ll read the book and give it a try, especially when the author or publicist contacts me.  I feel this is the point of BookBanter: to provide authors and books to readers who may not have heard of them before, no matter which publisher they are associated with.  The world of publishing is changing, and it is thanks in part to the Internet and blogs and websites like BookBanter; at least I like to think so.

On June of 2009 I put up my interview with Michael J. Sullivan.  Sullivan is the author of the Riyria Revelations series, an entertaining fantasy series featuring two main characters, Royce and Hadrian, who are what make the series worth reading.  Sullivan had contacted me through his wife, Robin Sullivan, who does his publicity, and was sent a copy of the first book, The Crown Conspiracy.  I enjoyed the book, gave it a favorable review, and have been reading each successive book as it is published through Ridan Publishing (an indie publisher started by Robin Sullivan) over six month intervals.  After interviewing Sullivan, I learned that the author was not writing these books to make vast amounts of money and achieve bestsellerdom (though this would be well received), but to write and tell some entertaining stories for his daughter.  The Riyria Revelations were written to entertain and they have done so, gaining momentum, support and readers over time; with the advent of ebook editions, sales and popularity for the series has continued to grow.  This is made evident on Robin Sullivan’s blog, “Write to Publish.”

And to cap it all off, last week came the official announcement from the big publishing house, Orbit, that they had acquired the Riyria Revelations with plans to publish the original six-book series in three volumes coming in November, December and January 2012.  And now a much larger audience will be able to enjoy this great series.  Sullivan himself referred to it as “the little indie that could.”

For now, readers can enjoy the interview with Michael J. Sullivan, and reviews for the first four books in the series (the fifth book will be reviewed later this year; the sixth will be some time until the third volume from Orbit is released):

Crown Conspiracy Avempartha Nyphron Rising Emerald Storm


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