“Plague Year” by Jeff Carlson (Ace, 2007)

Plague Year

In Jeff Carlson’s debut techno-thriller – the first in a trilogy – he pulls out all the stops to hook new readers with a nanotech virus that has wiped out most of the population.  Everyone essentially has the virus, but the key to survival is to be at an elevation of at least ten thousand feet, where the nanobots are inoperative.

High up in the California sierras there are some people eking out their survival, struggling to get by day by day.  In the past they have scrambled below the critical elevation point for necessary food and supplies, but after a short while before they begin to succumb to the virus and must return back above the 10,000-foot mark, their bodies torn up inside.  Going into winter, Cameron Najarro, Albert Sawyers and the rest of the group completely run out of food and have to resort to the unimaginable . . . cannibalism.  Meanwhile, Dr. Ruth Ann Goldman is on the International Space Station with her team and a possible cure for the virus.  They make a successful landing high up in the Colorado Rockies where the remains of the United States government are trying their best to keep the remaining citizens from overthrowing them, as well as plotting world domination with the possible cure to the virus.

In Plague Year you’ll be wondering where the story will be going next, with the unpredictable plot twists and outlandish story line, but Carlson has done his research with the science, technology and survival tactics of the characters, readers will be hooked until the cliffhanger ending.

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Originally written on March 6, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.


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