NIAA Progress Report #2

It’s been quite some time since the last progress report on Nothing is an Accident, which is the whole reason for this particular update and why I’m changing things around a little.  In my writing goals for this year I’d planned to complete a penultimate and final edit of the manuscript by the end of the year.  At this current rate, I was going to be lucky if I got half way through the penultimate edit when December rolled around.   I just wasn’t getting the work done week to week, as the other projects kept getting in the way.  Then when I switched to just working on White Horse, things should’ve gotten easier, but they didn’t.  I was doing plenty of writing but not enough editing.

I’ve now decided to go back to a similar schedule from earlier with working on one project one week and another project another.  Basically one week I’ll be working on writing White Horse, and on another I’ll be working on editing NIAA.  That way it will get done, which is the key.  My goal, just as it is with 500 words a day, Monday through Friday, with regards to writing, will be to edit at least three pages a day Monday through Friday on the particular week I’m working on NIAA.

And we’ll see how that goes.  And they’ll be the counter at the bottom of these updates (as well as on the site) to keep me encouraged and hopeful!


“Serpent’s Storm” by Amber Benson (Ace, 2011)

Serpent's Storm

In the third installment about the daughter of Death from Amber Benson Calliope Reaper-Jones is really put through the ringer.  Readers not familiar with the earlier books will feel lost in Serpent’s Storm, as it is severely lacking in structure and logical direction, but for those who look forward to seeing what Callie is up to next, they’ll enjoy this next adventure.

Things certainly heat up right from the start as the book opens with a pretty graphic sex scene between Callie and her hunk she can’t get enough of, Daniel.  But after that brief moment of happiness, a silly argument ensues, and things quickly go downhill as she learns of some very troubling news that, if true, will completely change her life.  Not knowing where to really go next, Calli finds herself going from bad to worse real fast, as those she thought she could trust and love turn against her.  Plus her sister who she thought safely behind unbreakable bars is now somehow free.

Serpent’s Storm lacks a coherent plot, jumping from place to place without apparent reason, as the reader continues to wonder what exactly is going on and why; Calliope Reaper-Jones’s eccentricities become unbearable at times.  This may have something to with the series originally planned as a trilogy and then getting extended with more books; nevertheless, readers will see a development in Callie from her early days in Death’s Daughter, as Benson looks to kick everything up a notch.  At the end of Serpent’s Storm, readers will be left wondering where Callie will be going next.

Originally written on April 10, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.