“White Horse” Progress Report 21



REASON FOR STOPPING: Hit goal for the week


It’s been about a month since the last White Horse update, and it’s been at least two or three weeks since I added any writing to it.  I’d reached a good stopping point last time, at the end of the chapter, and knew where I was going to go next with the start of the next chapter, but there was something within me saying there was a piece missing; something needed to be added that would be its own individual chapter; something that had been set up a number of times earlier in the manuscript with hints and references with how the characters were behaving.  That’s why it took a couple of weeks, for my brain to figure out “oh, that’s what the next chapter needs to be, and then the planned successive chapter can happen in the right spot.”

At times this book feels a little like I’m charging along at certain points across the terrain that I know is there, and then everyone once in a while I’ll have to cross a bridge and will have to tiptoe carefully, as each successive plank of that bridge appears in front of me, guiding me along.  I suppose that can be said for just about any long project I’ve worked on.  But at the moment I’m near the end of that bridge and then it should be smooth sailing again on that familiar terrain until the next one.


P. S. This sucker’s definitely going over the 50k word mark!

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