An Interview with Mira Grant (June, 2011)

An Interview with Mira Grant

Mira Grant is the pseudonym of New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire. She is the author of the Newsflesh Trilogy, the first two books of which have been released, with Feed and Deadline. Seanan McGuire was first interviewed on BookBanter on September 1st, 2009. Mira Grant was first interviewed on BookBanter in April of 2010; you can read the interview here .

Alex C. Telander: Does Mira Grant get along with Seanan McGuire?  Do they like to hang out?

Mira Grant: Mira and Seanan have a lot in common—a love of horror movies, a passion for virology and parasites, and a fondness for the sort of weapons carried by masked killers in the cornfield.  At the same time, they have some pretty big differences, starting with the part where Mira doesn’t actually exist.  So I really hang out with her the same way I hang out with, say, my My Little Pony collection.

Alex: Has anyone been interested in turning Feed into a movie?

Mira: Here’s hoping.

Alex: You’ve said before that these books require a lot of research.  How do you go about this?  Do you research a much as you can on specific subjects, or is it more you write and when you get to talking about a subject, you do research, or is it both?  What’s the overall process for your research?

Mira: Both.  I read—a lot—once I know what general subjects I’m going to be dealing with.  Then things sort of develop from there.  Sometimes I watch movies or documentaries or even specials on the History Channel or Animal Planet, and then go and double-check all the facts I’m not quite sure of.  Other times, I audit college courses, attend guest lectures, and call people who probably wish I wouldn’t.  It’s a very case-by-case basis.  I am hugely grateful to my teachers for giving me a good research foundation.

Alex: Will readers get to see more of what amplification was like throughout the rest of the world?

Mira: Amplification was exactly the same everywhere in the world, in everything mammalian and large enough to serroconvert.  The Rising was different in some places, and there will be mentions, but on the whole…that’s the past, that’s twenty years ago, and people are trying very hard to move into the future.

Alex: Did writing Deadline feel any different from writing Feed, or does it all feel like one giantly long story?

Mira: It’s all one long, long story.

Alex: What does the CDC think of the Newsflesh Trilogy?

Mira: I like to think that they’re amused.

Alex: After Blackout, do you think you’ll write anything else set within the Newsflesh world?

Mira: There have been a few possibilities on the table.  I can definitely say that if I write anything else in that setting, it won’t involve the Masons.  The Masons are done after Blackout.

Alex: We’ve had at least one short story separate from the Newsflesh trilogy, so is Mira Grant planning to work on anything else?

Mira: Definitely.

Alex: In addition to the October Daye series, Seanan McGuire has some other books she’s working on doesn’t she?

Mira: My second urban fantasy series, InCryptid, will be starting in March of 2012.  I’m super-excited.  It’s about a family of cryptozoologists trying to protect the monsters of the world from humanity, sort of a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Crocodile Hunter.  I can’t properly express how thrilled I am.

Alex: Where did the name Mira Grant come from?

Mira: Since I use this as a trivia question, I will now politely decline to answer in the only way I know: LOOK!  A BUNNY!

Alex: What does Mira Grant like to do for fun?

Mira: Destroy mankind.  Ignite the biosphere.  You know, the usual.

Alex: Is there anything else Mira Grant would like to say?

Mira: The Black Death was almost certainly not the bubonic plague.  That noise was not the wind.  It isn’t Johnny.  And you will not be right back.

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