An Interview with Simon Pegg (July, 2011)

Simon Pegg

SImon Pegg

Simon Pegg needs little introduction. Known for the TV show Spaced, the hugely successful zombie flick Shaun of the Dead, the hilarious Hot Fuzz, as well as playing the part of Scotty on J. J. Abram’s Star Trek, and most recently in Paul.. He is also the author of the very entertaining biography, Nerd do Well. .

In this interview, Pegg talks about a wide range of things both interesting and unsual, but ultimately hilarious! It is up to you to decipher which are factual and which are Simon Pegg doing what he does best.

Alex C. Telander: Is this the first book you’ve ever written, or is there another one from your past you just don’t want to talk about?

Simon Pegg: Yes. I wrote an erotic Twilight fan fiction, entitled Jacob’s Lipstick which sold 5 million copies worldwide. I’m working on a follow up called The Further Adventures of Twinkle Tits. That ones about Edward.

Alex: What was it like writing a book and do you think you’ll do it again?

Simon: It was an interesting endeavour, particularly as I had to do so much memory scouring. I think the next book I write will be a fiction because it will invariably involve less crying.

Alex: Do you have plans to write fiction or possibly some epic science fiction set in a galaxy far far away?

Simon: Not really. It’s been done hasn’t it?

Alex: What was your reaction when you knew you’d gotten the role of Scotty in the Star Trek film?

Simon: I lay down in a darkened room for a few days, occasionally sitting up to giggle.

Alex: How hard was it to do a Scottish accent?

Simon: Not hard. Half my family is Scottish and the the 1st AD in the movie was from Glasgow. Doing an accent means you have to engage another thought process as well as acting. It’s multitasking for flakey people.

Alex: Do you know when the next Star Trek film is expected to come out; have you started filming yet?  Anything you want to give away?

Simon: It’s called Star Trek: Scotty’s Shame and it chronicles the titular character’s adventures on the leisure planet of Sexxxus. I shot it last year.

Alex: What can we expect from Tintin, and how was it different from everything else you’ve done?

Simon: It’s called Tin Tin for a start. I think it’s going to be extraordinary. What I have seen has been amazing. It’s Spielberg but not as we know it.

Alex: Do you think you’ll be doing another TV series at some point?

Simon: I have no plans to at present.

Alex: Do you think you’ll ever start your own comic book series?

Simon: Never say never. I wouldn’t want to half arse it though. I’d need to give it the attention it deserves.

Alex: You recently announced that you and Nick Frost are writing a film together.  Anything you want to possibly give away or say about it?

Simon: No.

Alex: What’s your favorite book?

Simon: A Christmas Carol

Alex: What’s your favorite film?

Simon: A League of Their Own.


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