NIAA Progress Report #8

Work continues well on the big manuscript submission of 2011 with Nothing is an Accident.  I continue to stick to my schedule of Monday through Friday, with submitting to five agents per day to keep the numbers up.  With the agent I received a request for the manuscript for, it was eventually rejected, but then shortly after I received another request from another agent for more manuscript, so now I’m keeping my fingers with this one.  I’ve also been in contact with a couple big name author friends of mine, hitting them up for possible agents they might know to submit to, and I’ve gotten a few more from them to do this with.  And as for my numbers on how many agents I’ve submitted to, how many rejected, here are the stats:

Agent Count

4 thoughts on “NIAA Progress Report #8

  1. Alex, the only important number up there is the 2. That’s 2 more than 99% of American writers get so huge kudos to you, my friend. Question is: why aren’t you self publishing?

  2. If you don’t snag an agent, the next step you might consider is finding publishers who accept direct submissions before you self-pub. That’s how we landed our contract for The Apocalypse Gene. You’ll still have to do most of the marketing as you would if you self-pub, but there is no expense involved producing the book, you get an editor, AND if you’re lucky a small advance and some extra buzz. Just my two cents. Good luck to you!


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