NIAA Progress Report #9

Couple more weeks and a bunch more submissions to agents, and as of now I’ve pretty much exhausted my list of agents to query.  I have probably about another ten or so that require specific instruction submissions that I will get to in December, but for now I’ve got a whole bunch of queries out there, so I’m just going to wait a bit.  Also had a couple requests for the manuscript, so keeping my fingers crossed for those.

And here’s the updated scoreboard for Nothing is an Accident:

NIAA Scoreboard

2 thoughts on “NIAA Progress Report #9

  1. Trust me, this is not the kind of information you want to post online. And definitely not the kind you should link to from an agent blog, suggesting that said agent checks it out.

    Just… please trust me on this one. If not me, then trust the hundreds of people – many of them agents – who have blogged and tweeted about this type of thing being professional suicide.

  2. Seconding S’s comment. You can share the stats after you sign with someone. Right now, although you may not realize it, you’re giving agents reasons to reject you.

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