White Horse Progress Report 24



REASON FOR STOPPING:  End of chapter seventeen.

Started and finished up chapter seventeen today with some good furthering of the story.  Things are definitely starting to heat up now, as the climax approaches.  If I stick with my outline, which I fully plan to, there are only three chapters to go!

I’d originally extended this “novella” to a 75,000 word novel, and today I past that word count . . .


. . . and obviously the book is not done, so I need to re-estimate my word count goal for the novel, and I believe I can comfortable say it’s going to get good and done and finished within the 90,000 to 100,000 word range, so I’m resetting the goal at 100,000 . . . but this of course could change for all I know, but I have a pretty certain feeling it’ll be done by around 92-94,000.  We shall see!


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