“Wyrd” Progress Report XIX



REASON FOR STOPPING: Hit page 250, shot past the 50,000 word mark, and finished a big, lengthy scene.

Just a quick update to say I hit my last big writing goal for 2011 by reaching page 250 in Wyrd, which makes me extremely happy.  Also beat the 50k word mark and finished a big long scene of the main character telling his story.  I think the goal for this project for 2012 is going to be to hit at least page 500, which should be the end of the book, but I have a feeling this sucker is going to keep growing and growing.


“George R. R. Martin’s Doorways” by George R. R. Martin, art by Stefano Martino (IDW, 2011)


Way back when, before The Song of Ice and Fire series, bestselling author George R. R Martin was a big guy in Hollywood, working on the new Twilight Zone series, as well as a writer for the Beauty and the Beast TV series.  Doorways is the show that very much almost, but ultimately never was.  The pilot was filmed and in the process of final editing, but was never given a slot for airing . . . disappearing into the vault of dead shows.  Martin still feels sad and very attached to this story, as he indicates in his introduction.  Now he has brought it back to life, in a sense, with art from Stefano Martino, in the form of a graphic novel.

The story opens with the main character, Dr. Thomas Mason, who is an ordinary man with an ordinary wife living in an ordinary life.  But all that changes when a doorway opens up in the fabric of reality and an incredible, young woman named Cat steps into his life and steals his mind and perhaps his heart, as he is dragged along on the adventure of his life.  Cat has the ability to travel through these doorways, taking one to different places in time and space within the blink of an eye.  The problem is that there are beings after Cat, looking to stop and kill her, so she has to keep running.  With Mason’s help she passes through a doorway and Mason finds himself potentially sealed off from his normal life in his normal world forever, but he doesn’t have time to waste, as there are creatures on his tail looking to wipe him out.

The story of Doorways is compelling, in the great science fiction way that Martin has delivered before, with a harsh and detailed art style from Martino, sucking you right into the story.  The question remains if there will be any more stories to tell after this volume . . . only time will tell.

Originally written on November 20, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

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