Writing Goals for 2012

Desk(The place where I do most of my writing now; the chair is my old one from when I worked at Borders; the artwork is also from Borders that I always found inspirational, as I would study it while making copies)

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time to look back at my Writing Goals for 2011 and see how I did, and then come up with my writing goals for 2012.  And this is a first, ladies and gentlemen, as I can honestly say I hit all my writing goals for the year, which is certainly a first for me.  I believe the key lies in my setting myself achievable goals for a 12-month period, and while I didn’t get the last one done until the last week in December, I can still say that I hit all those writing goals for 2011.

Results for Writing Goals of 2011:

Result for GOAL 1: I stuck to this for most of the year when I was working on a writing project, and the only time I didn’t was when I had schedule changes to my daily life that I couldn’t predict happening.  GOAL ACHIEVED!

Result for GOAL 2: I did complete my “White Horse novella,” though it in fact became an almost 100,00 word novel!  I had to put my other novel, Wyrd, on hold and focus on finishing White Horse due to a difference in tenses in each book that was just driving me crazy switching between them.  In early November I finished White Horse (writing THE END on November 5th, in fact) and was delighted to find it had turned into a nice long book.  Then I put it to sleep and will forget about it for  a number of months.  In February or March I’ll pick it up again and begin editing and writing new drafts.  GOAL ACHIEVED!

Result for GOAL 3: While I didn’t necessarily hit my deadline of June for finishing the last editing touches on Nothing is an Accident, I nevertheless did complete this last part of the writing process in early August and began (and continue to) send it out and query it to agents.  GOAL ACHIEVED!

Result for GOAL 4: This was the one that didn’t get done until the last week in December with just days to go!  But this was mainly because the other “novella” I was working on became a full-length book that I had to focus on solely.  But at the end of it all, I hit page 250 and ended up passing it, stopping at page 253 with over 52,00 words written.  GOAL ACHIEVED!

Result for GOAL 5: Ended up writing three short stories for the year, and since my goal was two to four, I’m delighted to have hit this number.  One I’m currently sending out to magazines; another I submitted for an anthology that was rejected, but will continue sending it out; the other didn’t work as a story.  GOAL ACHIEVED!

Result for GOAL 6: Pretty much stuck to this regimen, but as always could’ve done more. Still: GOAL ACHIEVED!

Writing Goals for 2012:

GOAL #1: Hit Page 500 of WyrdThe goal for the manuscript I’m working on, Wyrd, this year is to hit page 500.  One might say this should be the end of the book with how it’s going, but I have a feeling I’m going to hear page 500 and have more story to tell, so we’ll just have to see.

GOAL #2: To be half ready with White HorseBy this I mean to have the manuscript half-edited, or either in a second or third draft, but at the halfway point of being completely edited.  I have a feeling I might get more done than this, but want to hedge my bets with the other projects I’m working on.  One thing I do know about this manuscript is that I’m going to change the name.

GOAL #3: Begin work on second Four Horsemen book.  White Horse is the first book in a four-book series involving four separate and distinct post-apocalyptic worlds.  This goal is to get started on the second book, whether it’s with research, outlining, or writing out the first couple of pages, but to get it started in some way.

GOAL #4: Write 2-4 short stories. Since this worked well for last year’s goal, I’m setting it again for this year.

GOAL #5: Self-publish two short story collections.  This is already in process, I have the cover and layout set for the first collection, called Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers, and hope to self-publish it on Smashwords later this month.  The second collection, In That Quiet Earth, I plan to self-publish  in March or April. [GOAL SEMI-ACHIEVED: FIRST COLLECTION HAS BEEN PUBLISHED, SECOND COLLECTION WILL BE PUBLISHED 04/22]

GOAL #6: Self-Publish Kyra: The First Book of EnchantusMy young adult fantasy book that I’m currently in the process of getting ready for self-publishing.  I don’t plan to get this self-published until the summer, say June or July.

GOAL #7: Start work on the the second book of Enchantus.  Depending on how things go with self-publishing Kyra, but if things take off and it sells well and there is demand for the sequel, then I plan to start work on it in some way, whether it’s outlining and/or writing.  I would really like to do this and am excited to see what story would come out of it.

GOAL #8: Give Nothing is an Accident a home. By this I mean, by the end of the year, Nothing is an Accident will need to be either available to readers in some way, or in the process of reaching that goal.  I’m still querying it to agents, and the next step will be looking into small presses, and the final step would be to self-publish which, if it becomes necessary, would probably be happening in fall, like September or October.

Okay, that’s the writing goals for the year then, and if it didn’t make me excited writing this out, then I think there would be something wrong with me, but at the end of this post I’m totally psyched to get started on hitting these goals.

Here’s to another successful year of hitting my writing goals!