What’s Going on with BookBanter in 2012

I started this blog in September 2008, and debuted the BookBanter podcast in November of the same year, and was soon featuring exclusive interviews with authors.  Since then I’ve gone on to interview over fifty authors, both on audio and in written interviews.  I’ve tried to vary my interviewees, not just with science fiction and fantasy, but also nonfiction; I’ve also made the effort to interview more female writers.  I’ve met, got to know and become friends with a lot of amazing people.

Over these years, in addition to my book reviewing for over a decade, I’ve also gotten to know a lot of amazing people in the publishing world, mainly publicists, many different publicists from different publishers of all sizes and kinds.  Part of me has wondered, as I emailed and chatted back and forth with these publicists, what it was that made them decide to get into publishing, and then sometime early last year an idea came to me: why don’t I found out about this?

And what better way than to interview them.

Enter Faces of Publishing: a new series of interviews I will be running this year on BookBanter, which will specifically be covering people in publishing, going beyond the author to the people behind the making and creating of these books we read and love.  I’ve been in touch with a number of publicists, and received some good strong responses and happy agreements to do interviews; I’ve also been in touch with editors and will be running a number of interviews with them also, and I’m hoping to get some interviews with agents here on BookBanter and any other position in publishing I can track down.

We live in an interesting, unusual time where self-publishing, ebooks, and Amazon are changing the way publishing works.  I feel, therefore, it’s more important than ever to see how vital publishing houses are in the production and creation of those things we love to read.

So I’ll be running an author interview with Ben Loory on January 15th, and come February 1st I’ll be running the first of the Faces of Publishing series, with Justin Golenbock, a publicist for TOR.  I may intersperse an author interview here and there, otherwise I plan on dedicating all of 2012 to interviews with people in publishing.

So here’s to a very interesting year with BookBanter.