“The Sword Volume 1: Fire” by the Luna Brothers (Image, 2008)

The Sword

Discovered on a recommendation from a friend, Fire is the first volume in the four-volume The Sword collection from the Luna Brothers.  The art style is good but not exceptional, the storytelling interesting in the way that great stories are: an captivating beginning that slowly deals out the details, hooking the reader in as they wonder what will happen next, until the full story is revealed to the reader’s complete and utter surprise.

Dara Brighton is an ordinary girl who has learned to live with being in a wheelchair very well, working her way through college and keeping her eye on the cute boys.  As she enjoys a hearty dinner with her family, three strangers of apparent strength and ability break into their home and accuse her father of hiding a secret sword.  He denies it, so the massacre begins as these strange assailants reveal their unbelievable powers, and Dara soon finds herself fighting for her life.  She ends up deep within the basement of her house; a place she hasn’t really searched before, and buried within it she finds the sword.  As she picks it up she feels the power run through her and miraculously stands up.

The first volume of The Sword series will hook any graphic novel fan, and the Luna Brothers reveal a good amount of explanation and back story at the end of Fire that will make the reader impatient to read the successive three volumes.

Originally written on December 30, 2011 ©Alex C. Telander.

To purchase a copy of The Sword: Fire from Amazon, and help support BookBanter, click HERE.

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