Faces of Publishing #1: Justin Golenbock, Publicist for Tor & Forge Books

Justin Golenbock

It’s a new month, which means a new interview here on BookBanter, and this one is something special. In February I kick off a series of interviews I plan on running for most of the year, all focused on people in publishing. I’ve done many interviews with authors, but now I’m going behind the scenes to meet and talk with all the people involved in creating that book after the author has written. I’ll be interviewing publicists, agents, editors, marketing people, ebook people . . . to provide insight into a world not many of us know all that much about. If you work in publishing and would be interested in being interviewed on BookBanter, please feel free to contact me at alex@bookbanter.net. I plan to run these interviews on the first of every month. And now let’s begin with the first interview in the Faces of Publishing series, and this one is certainly an entertaining one!

Justin Golenbock is a Senior Publicist for Tor and Forge Books and has worked with them for over three years. Previously he was a publicist at Henry Holt & Company. In this interview, Justin talks about how he got into publishing and became a publicist, what an ordinary day entails for him, and what he likes to do for fun.

Alex C. Telander: How did you first get started in publishing?

Justin Golenbock: Like most young wannabes, I applied to lots and lots of jobs (over 70, I think) before landing my first interview, and the rest is history.  I’ve been in the industry over 5 years now and haven’t yet lost my sanity. 🙂

Alex: Did you always want to work in publicity?

Justin: I had no idea what it was, actually, until I first interviewed for an assistant job.  The industry (and this job) is a lot more complex than I thought it was, from the outside looking in, but the excitement of working with authors and having such a direct impact on the success or failure of a book hooked me.

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