BookBanter Column: The Authors of Stephen King

The Authors of Stephen King

If you’re kind of a Stephen King nut like me — and I know there are many of you out there — then you’ve read pretty much everything this great author has ever written. To date the man has published around seventy books covering just about everything (as well as repeating himself a couple of times with similar storylines). I can still remember the first book of his I read, Four Past Midnight, and that first story, “The Langoliers,” which was just fantastic and scary and great in so many ways. I can remember my thirteen or fourteen year-old self actually feeling nauseous with the graphic detail of the little girl having the hatchet removed from her chest, and the quick surgery that had to be performed.  Every time he has a new book come out, I’m there, dropping everything, gobbling it up and loving it.  He’s my happy place, where I can easily forget about the rest of the world and get lost in one of his.

Stephen King has also been incredibly instrumental (even though he has no clue) in shaping me as a writer, making me first want to create scary, evocative stories like his own, and then to just keep on writing and telling tales for now over fifteen years.  A strange thing also happens when I read one of his books featuring an author as a character, for in addition to enjoying the book, it also makes me want to put the book down and write myself.  I’m not sure why, but it just does; it’s quite the conundrum.