BOOK REPORT: Book News for the Week of March 19th on Forces of Geek

Book Report

Ernest Cline at Wondercon
Bestselling author of the “nerd crack” book Ready Player One and screenwriter for the cult hit Fanboys, Ernest Cline, was at Wondercon this past weekend and was interviewed by Bleeding Cool where he talked about his movie and his book, as well as what else he has in the works.

Joe Hill at Wondercon
Joe Hill, bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box and Horns (and who also happens to be Stephen King’s son), was also at Wondercon this past weekend where he talked about his comic book series Lock & Key, as well as his two next books, NOS4A2 and The Fireman, as well as about some other things.

Walter Dean Meyers is Ambassador to Young People
Walter Dean Meyers, the young adult author of Monster and many other books has been chosen to hold the recently created position by the Library of Congress as National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, with the goal of raising awareness of the importance to literature to teens.  In this video he talks with CBS at the position.

Digital Downloads From Marvel
In a smart move that may be the first step in the ever changing book industry, Marvel will now be offering a digital download edition with each purchase of the physical comic.