Book Report: Book News for the Week of March 25th on Forces of Geek

A Collection of Rare Interviews has unearthed a rare collection of interviews from authors who are notorious for not granting many interviews and providing insight into their creative processes.  The collection includes some recent interviews from the likes of Cormac McCarthy, Philip Roth and Don Delilo, to some true rarities like H. G. Welles, Orson Welles, J. D. Salinger and Daphne du Maurier.

Lit Videos 
Reddit is one of the most visited sites on the entire internet, as many come to find topical pieces and news and what everyone else is interested in.  And now there’s another reason for book lovers and readers to drop by, with the addition of a new section: Lit Videos, featuring videos on anything to do with books and authors.  And in true Reddit style, you literally don’t know what you’re going to find.

Bestselling Kindle Author of All Time 
It’s been known as the “Million Club,” where a certain number of authors (which is now growing) are members because they have sold over a million Kindle ebooks.  Then there are those who have far surpassed it, but only one earns the special title of “Bestselling Kindle Author of All Time.”  Unsurprisingly with the success of the Hunger Games trilogy and now with the movie release, Suzanne Collins has now earned this elite tag.

A New Project From Philip Pullman 
Fans of Philip Pullman, the bestselling author of the His Dark Materials trilogy, will be delighted to hear that he has a new project which will be released in Britain in September and in November in the US.  He is adapting fifty of his favorite Brothers Grimm fairytales, aiming for a “clear as water” version.


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